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Plan A Just starting?

Plan A consists of one on one sessions with a duration of one hour. These sessions would range over a period of 1 to 24 months, depending on the need.

Each session would be an investment of R1299.00 with a maximum of 2 sessions a month.

These sessions include the following:

  • Create the golden thread of your – this process will flesh out the purpose and goal of your book. Upon completing that we will form the chapters of your book.
  • Create a goal-setting implementable strategy from your first word to the book launch – we will set a practical writing schedule that will ensure your complete your book over a set duration.
  • Create a research plan for your book to ensure relevance – your book must be relevant and there may be gaps of knowledge in your work that would need filling. We will figure out what these gaps are and compile a reading list to fill them.
  • Create business ideas from your book – ultimately your book is your business card.
    We will flesh out possible opportunities for you to pursue and take full advantage of.
  • Create an implementable marketing plan for your book – we will create the marketing plan for your book.

Plan B Just need to be published?

If your manuscript is complete and all you need is to get published then the following would then apply to you:

We do our printing with an external printing company and therefore all printing costs vary according to your complete manuscript.

*The consulting fee may be paid over a period of two months and varies depending on the work entailed.
*Depending on the need, either the administration fee is paid or
the consulting fee. Only one of the two will be paid. Never both.

"Let the world hear your story and learn from your truth."

The Golden Goose Institute (Pty) Ltd is committed to making this happen for you.

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