Creating, unearthing and sharing stories that matter


We have realized that becoming an author is not just about writing a book. There is a whole ecosystem that you as the aspiring author must take into consideration after your book launch.

We look post the producing of your work of art by also looking into how you can create a business from your book. We pride ourselves in empowering your autonomy. So once you have learnt the process of creating a book, you will be equipped enough to do so by yourself, if you choose to in future.


  • Create the golden thread of your book to ensure coherence.
  • Create a goal-setting implementable strategy from your first word to the book launch.
  • Create a research plan for your book to ensure relevance.
  • Create business ideas from your book.
  • Create an implementable marketing plan for your book.
  • Publishing of your book.

"Let the world hear your story and learn from your truth."

The Golden Goose Institute (Pty) Ltd is committed to making this happen for you.

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